Arpit Jalan

Arpit Jalan

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10x Programmer Fallacy

January 24, 2019

In my six years of programming career I’ve often heard the term “10x programmer” being used to refer to mythical beings who can do ten times…

Coding Pleasure

March 04, 2014

How Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror) taught me Coding Pleasure, and I made my peace with Rails/Ember stack. It was first week of January 201…

24th Birthday

December 15, 2013

What it’s like to be 24 for an Electrical Engineer turned Software Engineer (aspiring Entrepreneur). It’s 13th December 2013 21:00 IST. I am…

Thank You Steve

October 05, 2013

How Steve Jobs taught me to be a Software Engineer. This will not be another “I love Steve Jobs” article. This is about how I transformed…

Steve Jobs

September 24, 2013

Steve Jobs: Stanford commencement address, June 2005